Apr 30, 2024

DESIGN TRENDS | The rising of Elegant Maximalism

Be inspired by the rising style of elegant maximalism as a top interior design trend for 2025 on italianbark.com

In this article, I am sharing one of the key 04 Trend Themes 2024/5 for interiors and design. You can find a full recap in my Webinar | Interior Trends 2024 and whole guide of this years trend in the 2024 Trend Guide.

These Trend Themes are part of a wider research carried out at TRENDBARK the beginning of last year.  Our research provides brands with clear insights into upcoming trends. Specifically, we identify key styles, colors, materials, and shapes that will be popular in the next few years using concept boards. This foresight enables our clients to design more profitable products and collections with a two-year lead time.

Be inspired today by the next evolution of the GenZ Maximalist trend : “Elegant Minimalism.”


Trend Theme 03

Elegant Maximalism design trend 2024/5

A fusion of new heritage, dark academia, and old-fashioned charm, evoking a sense of melancholic nostalgia that resonates deeply with the soul. Drawing inspiration from rich, moody hues such as burgundy red, deep teal, and chartreuse, Elegant Maximalism transports us to a bygone era where elegance reigned supreme. With a nod to old-world charm and a touch of modern allure, this trend invites us to indulge in a lavish tapestry of colors and textures, weaving a narrative that is both timeless and evocative.

Let’s see more in detail the Elegant Maximalism design trend.

The Elegant Maximalism trend is the evolution of the trend presented for 2023 called Gen Z Maximalism.

As the name suggests, “Gen Z maximalism” was all about embracing boldness and individuality, reflecting the unique spirit of Generation Z. In contrast to the minimalist preferences of previous generations, Gen Z Maximalism celebrates vibrant expression and nostalgia-driven decor. From statement walls to retro-inspired rugs and chequered patterns, interiors adorned in this style are a testament to personal identity and creative flair. Bold colors reigned supreme, with shades like Barbie fuchsia making a striking appearance. Gen Z Maximalism was more than just a design aesthetic; it was a declaration of self-expression and a celebration of vibrant personality.

The Elegant Maximalism design trend develops from the idea of maximalism becoming more mainstream, as a popular style among all generations and not just a peculiarity of the younger ones.

Elegant Maximalism design trend / keywords

  • new heritage
  • dark academia
  • old-fashioned
  • melancholic
  • nostalgic

Elegant Maximalism interior design trend / colors

The color palette exudes a seductive and sophisticated aura, with moody and retro tones setting the stage. At the forefront is the captivating burgundy, infusing the space with depth and warmth. Enhanced by black accents, the room takes on a mysterious and glamorous allure, brimming with contrast and drama. Together, these rich and intense hues create a lavish and enveloping ambiance, inviting moments of intimacy and comfort to flourish.

Elegant Maximalism interior design trend /materials

  • textured walls – ex venetian plaster
  • boiseries
  • wallpapers
  • chequered floors
  • repairing and reusing

Elegant Maximalism design trend / shapes

  • vintage & antiques
  • pattern on pattern
  • layering
  • plissé


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