May 8, 2020

POST-COVID DESIGN TRENDS #1 The New Well-Being / Part 1

How will the pandemic change the future of interior design?


For sure, new needs and lifestyles are emerging from the days we are living now. We are in a moment of significant uncertainty, but there are already some new rising trends we can observe as a consequence of the pandemic.

We think it’s absolutely essential now, more than ever, to keep ourselves inspired and updated, not to get discouraged by the hard times we are all living. This period is at the same time really uncertain but also filled with a fantastic number of innovations and changes. We are researching and studying to try to better imagine what the post-Covid design trends may be.

In May, we will be sharing a trend update starting from the key Macro Design Trends for 2020-2021 we spot at the Milan Design Week 2019. We will analyse how these trends have changed or accelerated in light of the pandemic-crisis. In this post, the first of a series will go over the so-called Designing Well-being macro trend.

We hope this series of posts will inspire you and your business, even in these uncertain times.




TREND BUNDLE 2020-2021



Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the Milan Design Week 2020 has been postponed to 2021. Most of the trends and designs we saw last year, however, still relevant in 2020 and most probably it will be accelerated until the next year.

Our idea is to share our MDW 2019 e-book and webinar together with an updated research on how the current international scenario will impact interior and design trends.

Which trends are still relevant? What will probably change, gain momentum or perhaps disappear?

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from Milan Design Week 2019

#1 Designing Well-being



Designing for well-being is becoming a major goal within the design field. Brands and designers are exploring how the environments can affect our well-being, how technology together with interior and furniture design can be used to improve our wellness. Research on this matter is encompassing different fields, from home design to workspaces and hotels.

Google has partnered with scientists on the “A Space for Being” exhibition to show how different aesthetic experiences can impact our health and well-being. The exhibition featured three rooms designed using the principles of neuroaesthetics – a branch of science the explores how visual aesthetics can impact our brains and physiology. With varying lighting, sounds, scents and textures, the rooms aimed to stimulate visitors’ senses in different ways.

Soft and tactile materials meanwhile are becoming as important as colors and are helping the integration of technology in our homes in a more natural and human way. IKEA, in collaboration with SONOS, is bringing together sound systems with furnishing products. Their SYMFONISK table lamp combines light and sound into one product in order to de-clutter the home with less devices and cords.

|| Be inspired : The New Nordic interior trend




Biophilia and New Nomadic

Biophilia, instead, is bringing  nature inside our homes and workplaces. The “Elle Décor at Work” exhibition featured co-working spaces where the atmosphere was impregnated with a sense of visual comfort. Plenty of greenery was placed above working stations thanks to the work of landscape architect Marco Bay, who added flourishing vegetation to improve the microclimate and thus the overall wellness.

The new nomadic way of living is helping us to focus on the essential, to live and travel lighter, thus improving our mobility and giving us more freedom. Panter & Tourron‘s Tense collection, for example, includes five pieces of easily-assembled flat-pack furniture. All the pieces – table, chair, pendant light, wall light and screens – are imagined as the essential furniture for global nomads. Each of the five items is easy to transport either flat or in a tube and can be assembled without the need for parts or tools, allowing us to recreate and rebuild a home everywhere in few steps


Panter & Tourron




Covid-19 Update

#1 Designing the New Well-Being



In pandemic times, well-being  is more than ever a key concept in our lives and will remain relevant in a post-pandemic world. Now the question is: how is the idea of well-being changing due to the coronavirus crisis? What impact could this have in the design and interiors?

We have called it “the New Well-Being” because this macro trend includes some trends we have already seen, but also some new perceptions that became relevant because of the pandemic.




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