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COLOR OF THE MONTH | They call it Lemon Yellow – Pantone Illuminating 2021 Color Trend

Come what may-the colour of the month is lemon yellow. Spring is in the air and summer seems not so much of a far-away dream! If last month’s colour ‘Baby blue’could be described as a breath of fresh air, this month’s colour brings a swath of sunshine and it is here to stay!


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COLOR TREND Pantone 2021 illuminating Yellow

Yellow has burst onto the colour scene albeit in design, fashion and interiors; stemming from generation z yellow (hailed by some as the new millennial pink).

Plus, the rise in colours associated with optimism including yellows. Yellow is the colour of sunshine, happiness and hope.


Traditionally yellow ribbons were worn as a sign of hope as women waited for their men to come home from war and continue to be used today to welcome home loved ones. “She wore a yellow ribbon” is a song/poem that has appeared in various forms for at least four centuries. Said to be ‘based upon the same general theme: A woman of destiny is under some sort of test or trial as she waits for her beloved to return home.’ The origin of the yellow ribbons-likely to have come from the Puritan heritage. During the English Civil War the Puritan Army of English Parliament wore yellow ribbons and sashes onto the battlefield. In the US military the symbol of the yellow ribbon is referenced in a popular marching song. The first copyrighted version was the 1917 version by George A. Norton. Here is a little snippet of the chorus:


Around her hair she wore a yellow ribbon,

She wore it in the springtime,

In the merry month of May,

And if you ask her why the heck she wore it,

She wore it for her soldier who was far far away.


The colour yellow may differ in hue and chroma; from mustard yellow, bright yellow (which has come to define generation z) through to lemon yellow. The oldest pigment is yellow ochre, which was amongst the first pigments used by humans. Modern chemistry led to the creation of many other yellows including chrome yellow, cadmium yellow, cobalt yellow and indeed lemon yellow.


1 | Chrome Yellow Light Pigment;  2 |  Cadmium Yellow Lemon;  3 |  Cobalt Yellow Pigment;  4 |  Lemon Yellow Pigment


Lemon Yellow watercolour swatch


Lemon yellow in interiors / Pantone 2021 illuminating Yellow

Mention the colour lemon yellow and I wonder what springs to mind… pastel or maybe brighter! The colour lemon is described as a pale yellow – a representation of the colour of the outer skin of the citrus fruit. This could be deemed a little vague; but let’s just say that the hue is loosely based on the lovely lemon. A colour that can be vivid and vibrant through to a softer more poetic pale – “mellow yellow.” If pastels are your preference then opt for a pale lemon but for a bright pop of colour head for the more citric end of the spectrum.

Lemon yellow adds a refreshing burst of colour brightening everything around. Use as an accent for a dose of colour. Pale lemon acts like a soft swash of sunshine over interiors however either way, lemon instantly freshens up any interior. Perfect for nurseries, children’s bedrooms and play areas. But this doesn’t mean it is a colour off limits for adults; consider adding a creative splash of colour to cheer up the workspace! Lemon yellow is a bit of an all-rounder, working with many other colours including pale pink, light blue to bright blue, aqua/ teal, fuchsia/magenta, melon…. oh the lemon palette possibilities!

top: @haymespaint ph @gemmola styled by @ruthwelsby  | @earthbonpaints | @accidentallywesanderson

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@amy_moorea | via | via


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top: via | via  | studiopepe

low: viavia


Finishing off with a slice of the action and more fresh inspiration for Lemon yellow; straight from Milan Design Week 2019.


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Palermouno – ph Claudio Tajoli

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Studiopepe “Les Arcanistes” – ph Davide Buscaglia



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