Nov 3, 2021

DECOR TIPS | How to Decorate with Olive Green

Looking for some ideas to decorate your home with Olive Green? Be inspired by these tips.


Olive green is definitely one of the most stylish colors for this autumn winter season.

When talking about home decor, olive green is a great choice as it is super versatile. In fact, you can use it as a neutral color – that it, it matches perfectly with many different hues. Plus, olive green varies greatly in hue and saturation, from cooler to warmer tones, and gives many options for decorating with olive green. We collected some tips and beautiful interiors to inspire you.


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Decorate with Olive Green


As we were mentioning olive green varies in hues and saturation – yet, giving very different visual effects. In fact, darker shades of olive green are more sophisticated and moody, while lighter shades are much softer and can brighten up any space. In fact, darker shades can create a more dramatic effect and they are for areas where relaxation and concentration are sought.

Olive Green is a refined colour that can add character both in classic and modern style rooms, from the living room to the bedroom. You can incorporate olive green to paint walls, for furnishings, from fabrics, headboards, to paintings and decor.


Ferm Living



Kitchen decor in Olive Green


Greenisone of the favorite colors for the kitchen design. Olive green is a perfect color choice for its reference to natural settings, especially if you are looking to incorporate some color in a rustic farmhouse style kitchen, but can also be a good color alternative to neutrals in more modern kitchens.


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Green Olives Kitchens source  


Bedroom decor in Olive Green


Especially in the bedroom, olive green can be a good ally in creating a serene environment. In fact, as we were explaining in the psychology of the color green, out of all the colours on the colour wheel, green is regarded as the most restful and relaxing colour to the human eye. Yet, it’s the perfect choice for rooms where to relax – as the bedroom is.

As a sophisticated duo, combine with pink. It is also a good shade for window frames and is well suited to rooms that overlook nature; conservatories or garden rooms that lead to a green vista. With the colours of the great outdoors, it will further enhance the green tones of the walls and windows which can draw your eye through the frame.




Neptune via


Via @style_by_lucy for @crownpaintsuk, @elledecorationsuk, photo by @jondayphotography


Materials / How to Decorate with Olive Green


Talking about materials, this tone of green works perfectly with the naturalness of wood. If you are looking for a style reference, you can have a further look at the modern rustic interior style and Kinfolk-inspired atmospheres for example. Anyways, the earthy richness of mossy olive tones matches well with many different materials – also, it pairs well with brass accents, for a more sophisticated and rich look.



HK living Lookbook Collection 21/22


Dark Olive Green facade – A Work of Substance has designed a bubble tea shop with dark olive green facade called Mother Pearl Dezeen, via

Aesop Vieux Lille via



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