Nov 13, 2020

INTERIOR TIPS | How to decorate with Japanese paper lamps

Cannot decide which is the right lamp for your living room?

Hope you may find some inspiration in this post, where I collected some amazing images with some beautiful lighting designs.

What do they have in common?

They are all decorated with Japanese paper lamps – that’s to say, with the correct name, Noguchi lamps. With the Japandi style which has became now almost mainstream ( do you remember we were talking about this interior style here back in 2017?) these kind of lamps are popping everywhere, but besides being trendy now they can be a good solution which will last over the trend. Anyways, if you re looking for something original, I have collected here some ideas on how to decorate with paper lamps in a non-obvious way. Enjoy!


how to decorate with paper lamps, Japanese lamps, nigouchi lamps, lighting design trends

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|| Looking for lighting design and lamps ideas? Be inspired here:

How to decorate with paper Lamps

Idea 1

Hang it low


Who says lamps has to be hanged high on the ceiling? Paper lamps can be beautiful also if hanged very low. This is because they have a soft light, which will not disturb your eyes even if they are hanged down.


Erik Jørgensen via





Idea 2

In groups

Creating a cluster of lights is always a good idea if you are looking for an impressive solution, especially for example for a concept store or a big entry hall. Especially when talking about how to decorate with paper lamps, putting them in groups could be a really cool idea.








Idea 3

One big statement light


Because of their lights and airy design, Noguchi lamps can be also chosen in an oversize format without looking disproportionate. Have a look at these beautiful interiors to bette understand what I mean!


Neal Beckstedt design, ph.  via





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how to decorate with paper lamps, Japanese lamps, nigouchi lamps, lighting design trends


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