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25 Places in Milan where to Eat, Drink and Shop. For Design Lovers

There’s always something going on in Milan – whether it’s Milan Design Week, Piano City, or yet another fashion week. These events, especially the upcoming MDW, are exhilarating and inspiring… and at some point, exhausting!

Take a moment to unwind and enrich your time in Milan with a nice lunch, walk, or shopping spree at some of these design-centric staples of the city.

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Previews, News and Trends from the global event of the design industry


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Where to Eat in Milan

1 / Moleskine Café

This iconic brand’s literary café is the perfect spot to enjoy a fresh meal and shop Moleskine products.

Photo Credit: Moleskine Café      

2 / Ghe Sem

Head to this unique Italian-style dim sum restaurant near Cadorna station.

Photo Credit: Ghe Sem        


3/ Café Gorille

This gem is ideal for a weekend brunch or delicious lunch. Grab a table by the window to peer at Stefano Boeri’s Bosco Verticale. The friendly service will make you feel right at home while your munch or browse the Book Crossing corner.

Photo Credit: ArchiLovers               


4/ Riad Food Garden

This is a perfectly stylish corner of the city to enjoy a meal or teatime. Check out more of the interiors here.

milan design guide, where to eat in milan, riad food garden
Photo Credit: Paulina Arcklin

Photo Credit: Riad Food Garden


5/ Temakinho    

This Japanese-Brazilian restaurant is not only rich in flavor and décor but committed to sustainability. It is the first restaurant chain to receive the Friend of the Sea certification for following sustainable practices.

1.Photo Credit: Grace Davin 2.Photo Credit: Temakinho


Where to Drink Coffee in Milan


1/ Gogol & Company

Grab a cup of whatever you fancy while browsing the bookshop or catching up on your Instagram.

1.Photo Credit: Nuok  2.Photo Credit: Yoga Life


2/ Pasticceria Marchesi

As we’ve mentioned, this is a must while in Milan! Stop in for a quick coffee or linger a little longer to indulge in exquisite treats. Three locations offer easy access while you’re traipsing around the city.

   Photo Credit: Pasticceria Marchesi

3/ Orsonero Coffee

This corner café offers a satisfying selection of classic espresso drinks, divine teas, and snacks. The interiors by Studio Forestieri Pace Pezzani will charm you into your seat.

Photo Credit: ArchiLovers                       

Photo Credit: The Blonde Salad                        Photo Credit: EOW

4/ Macha Café

Get your matcha fix alongside a healthy snack at one of three cozy locations.

Photo Credit: Macha Café


5/ Pavè Milano

The communal tables here make it easy to stroll in solo or meet a group of friends. It’s also a great stop for a morning brioche!

 city guide, where to drink coffee in milan, pavé

Photo Credit: Pavè Milano

Where to Take Aperitivo in Milan


1 / N’Ombra de Vin

While Bar Basso is without a doubt the hottest spot for aperitivo during MDW, N’Ombra would be my pick. The wine bar’s location is ideal to end a romp around Brera. The historic architecture creates a moody ambiance perfect for aperitivo. It fills up quickly and often spills out onto the street level, which is great for mingling.

1.Photo Credit: CoolCities   2.Photo Credit: Pinterest   


2/ Mag Cafè

Mag is on nearly every “Best aperitivo” list in Milan, so if you haven’t already been, I’m sure you’ve heard about it. You can find it nestled along the Naviglio Grande and filled to the brim with happy customers.

Photo Credit: Mag Café /Simona Cozzupoli


3/ The Botanical Club

Gin drinkers: look no further. This will be your oasis. This small distillery has two locations around Milano to satiate your thirst and eyes.

                    Photo Credit: @FranzSimone                        

Photo Credit: The Botanical Club


4/ Deus Café

Stop by for aperitivo or brunch on the weekends. The crowd here is always cool. 

Photo Credit: Deus Café Milano

5/ Santeria Social Club

If you’re looking for a night out, head to SCC! Besides hosting some of the most interesting music events (always drawing massive crowds) the bar here is something extra special.

Photo Credit: SCC


Where to Shop in Milan


1/ Wait and See

Walk into the closet of your dreams at this concept shop housed in an 18th century former convent.

Photo Credit: Wait and See Milano


2/ Nonostante Marras

You might want to move in here after a moment inside this concept shop, which is filled to a delightful brim with clothes, furniture, books, and art.

Photo Credit: Antonio Marras Milano


3/ Sag ‘80

This studio takes design showrooms to the next level. Visit one of the five locations in Milano. Elisabetta tracked some trends to shop here.

Photo Credit: Sag 80 Group


4/ Cargo

Cargo is a dream come true for interiors-enthusiasts. The layout is seemingly endless – one of the locations has five floors overflowing with everything you (and your home) could hope for. Drool worthy displays will entice your imagination.

 Photo Credit: Cargo&HighTech 

Photo Credit: Grace Davin


5/ Design Republic

This store is a haven for Scandinavian and Italian design lovers. Original products and worldwide shipping could have your home re-furnished before the end of MDW!

milan design guide, where to shop design milan, design republic milano

Photo Credit: Design Republic

What to Experience


1/ City Life

Take a step into the future at CityLife. This business and residential district has expanded to include a shopping complex with bamboo interiors. The outdoor spaces are full of greenery and pedestrian only.

Photo Credit: CityLife

1.Photo Credit: Simone Bossi  2.Photo Credit: designboom


2/ Villa Necchi Campiglio

Spend an afternoon strolling the gardens and touring the interiors of this historic villa.


Photo Credit: FAI

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Photo Credit: FAI


3/ Fondazione Achille Castiglioni

Celebrate the great master of Italian design, Achille Castiglioni, at his studio space a stone’s throw from Castello Sforzesco. The exclusive exhibit 100×100 Achille will be open throughout MDW. Read more about Achille here!

Photo Credit: Fondazione Achille Castiglioni

4/ Fondazione Feltrinelli

This location by Herzog & de Meuron is worth a waltz around. Each angle reveals a new and interesting perspective of the architectural work. The ground floor of one of the buildings has a bookshop and bar. 


 Photo Credit: Pinterest

Photo Credit: 1, 3 Fondazione Feltrinelli, 2. Filippo Romano

5/ Palazzo Parigi

Why not dedicate some of your free time to wellness? Take that much needed deep breath in a luxurious setting in one of the 7 themed treatment rooms.

Photo Credit: Palazzo Parigi

I hope you enjoy your time in Milan as a traveler or visiting MDW 2018. If you’re visiting for MDW, check out some past articles (Best of Brera, Color Trends, Ikea at MDW 2017) to quell your excitement!


Previews, News and Trends from the global event of the design industry