Apr 5, 2017

Be floored by this years trends: A look at what’s set to be big in 2017

Dark woods, vinyls and brushed finishes, these are the key trends to be aware of this year if you’re looking for a new floor.

Understandably, choosing a floor is difficult, with so much to consider it can be overwhelming and you can feel lost as soon as anyone asks whether you want an engineered or parquet wood. By identifying the upcoming interiors trends, this should hopefully give you a better sense of direction to finding your next perfect floor.

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2017 flooring trends #1 | Dark woods

Dark woods are set to be huge this year, dark browns and greys in particular.

The bolder colours have taken the crown from the whitewashed woods we’ve seen more recently therefore making way for a warmer and sophisticated woods to shine through. This can most likely be linked to the vintage trend currently taking the interior design world by storm, which shows no signs of slowing down.

The dark wood helps to create a classic and glamorous look that can then be paired with nearly any colour for a harmonious blend. A beautiful walnut parquet flooring would be the best choice if you’re after a more vintage looking floor that also offers the stunning richer colours of a darker wood.


2017 flooring trends #2 | Vynil

We are all looking for luxury but we are all also looking for a great price, which is where vinyl flooring comes in to play, as it can offer both things simultaneously.

A key trend in flooring, vinyl has come in leaps and bounds since it first came on to the scene in the Seventies and it is now able to offer what seems like an endless amount of looks.
Made from PVC, the material the common household piping is made from, vinyl is therefore able to be printed on, hence the increase in aesthetics that are now on offer.

Because of its plastic makeup, vinyl is totally waterproof, something that other flooring types can’t offer. This means that you can now get the top-quality look of a solid wood floor with all the added benefits of a low maintenance and water resistant plastic.


2017 flooring trends #3 | Brushed

Alternatively, another upcoming look to consider is a brushed finished wood.

Thelook of a brush finish give the wood a natural effect and can help in bringing out the natural qualities of the wood. As previously mentioned, this can look great if you’re following the vintage trend as it can help in adding a little texture and depth to a room.

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