Aug 20, 2020

INTERIOR TRENDS | Modern Mediterranean Style for Indoor and Outdoor

Let’s go more into the details of the most current design trends in Italy now by exploring this Friday the Modern Mediterranean style.


The Modern Mediterranean brings a minimalistic approach that explores warmer neutral colors and organic shapes in a new interpretation of the traditional Mediterranean interiors, with their usual whites, blues and decorative patterns.

In this post, we will share with you the most important features of this style and to do so; we will go over the latest news and innovation from Italian outdoor furniture brands.



Hut, Marco Lavit for Ethimo


Modern Mediterranean style

Key features


1/ Brightness


The first key feature of Modern Mediterranean interiors (indoors and outdoors) is brightness. To make sure you don’t miss this feature, it is crucial to: 

  • Pay particular attention not to insert elements that could block natural light access into indoor spaces;
  • Choose the right colors, for example, white and white lime, and also natural materials such as light fabrics.

White has always been the main protagonist, becoming a real code that we associate with an idea of visual relaxation, of cleaning the eyes and the mind. White lime, in turn, is used to sanitize and make spaces fresh. Natural light fabrics such as linen and cotton in Mediterranean bedrooms and outdoor areas, for example, make relaxation and sleeping inviting, while straw baskets function as a decorative note always in tune.





2/ Simplicity


To embrace a Modern Mediterranean style, traditional Mediterranean is revamped with a minimalistic approach that manages to keep the same cozy and relaxed mood. To do so, you should focus on:

  • warm neutrals and beige by replacing pure white with warmer neutrals, for a cosier and warmer feeling
  • organic and rounded shapes that recall the typical Mediterranean vernacular architecture


Solanas, Gandiablasco
Solanas, Gandiablasco
Solanas, Gandiablasco
Solanas, Gandiablasco
Graphy lounge chair, Gandiablasco



3/  Indoor-outdoor living


Due to the Mediterranean warm climate, outdoor spaces have primary importance when designing homes. We can see how typical features from outdoor design influences the indoor design, either when it comes to colors or materials. For example:

  • colors referring to naturelike ochre, sand, khaki and olive green are very recurrent
  • and colors referring to the sealike turquoise, Maya blue, Klein blue, ocean blue are also often seen to  break the uniformity of a white background. These blue shades are usually applied in decorating fixtures, coverings, as well as furniture and accessories;
  • outdoor patios + terrazze: on hot sunny days, a roof in arelle (this is the word that defines the cannucciato, or the intertwining of reeds that forms the typical roof) can represent a valid ally to be able to enjoy terraces and gardens even in the hot hours. The pergola is also suitable for climbing plants bringing nature closer to us.
  • wide use of stone, as a material to be enhanced both externally and internally


Band Collection by Patricia Urquiola for Kettal
Dots lamp, Kettal



4/ Traditional materials


Finally, to get the perfect Modern Mediterranean style, the secret is to combine a minimalistic approach and modern shapes with materials typical of the Mediterranean tradition. These may include for example:

  • majolica, ceramics, azulejos and zellige: the Mediterranean tradition is full of glazed and hand-decorated tiles
  • less decorated ceramics such as terracotta ones
  • wrought iron, raw and rustic woods to create rustic accents;
  • rope and other rough fabrics to enhance the tactile look and feel.



Nardi Outdoor
Allaperto, Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez for Ethimo
Kilt, Marcello Ziliani for Ethimo
Cerchi, Paola Lenti
Cerchi, Paola Lenti


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