Jun 6, 2023

DESIGN TRENDS 2024 | Retro-futurism style trend

In this series of posts “Pills of Design Trends 2024” we are covering in each article a different trend for the next year. These insights are part of the more-than-70 trends covered in the new Trendbook, “INTERIOR DESIGN TRENDS 2024 from Milano” that you can find at this link.

Interior Trends 2024 / Styles #01


A mix between past and future, between nostalgia and utopia, to deal with the future while finding comfort and inspiration through the past. A mix of retro Seventies vibes and futuristic elements, to create a totally new interior style.

Retro futurism roots back to the 1960s ( even if it appeared even before ) and it continues to come back in cycles in style, always embracing new aesthetics and reinterpretations of “what the future looks like”.

In the 60s, retro-futurism was a kind of utopian aesthetic, with an optimistic mood that mixed the pop culture of that time with the very first concepts of progress and technology, in a playful sci-fi aesthetic. To get a better idea of the aesthetic – just think about Pierre Cardin in fashion and about the Tulip chair by Eero Saarinen in design. 

The trend come strongly back in the 1980s, decade when actually the term “retro-futurism” was also coined. In fact, it was invented in 1983 by Lloyd John Dunn, putting together the contradictory concepts of nostalgia ( = retro ) and futurism. 

The style continues to reinvent itself according to the different ages. In the 2020s, thanks to the rising of Metaverse and AI, it’s embracing new aesthetics, always led by the ubiquity of escaping in the future by being reassured in the past.




Retro-futurism / Features

01 / Sinuous Silhouettes

Fluid shapes convey a futuristic appearance, while at same time helping to connect the interior design with a more organic inspired aesthetic. Rounded edges, half-moon sofas,  pebble-shapes furniture, reminds of futuristic aesthetics, but with new textures that make present design much more tactile and cozy than previously. 



02 / Metallic accents

A new shiny look is coming out in interior decoration, inspired by the latest catwalks bringing a new futurist look into the fashion. Metallic accents in chrome, silver, steel, to be juxtaposed to tactile and warm finishes, creating interesting new visual effects.  


03 / Sculptural lighting

Lighting is now more than ever a key element of decoration, taking new sculptural and stylish shapes. Inspired by orbits, mystic shapes, clouds – pendant lights are bringing new exciting forms to the ceiling. With curved shapes so popular across architecture and furniture, sculptural lighting will also work in unison.


studiopepe x archiproducts


Be inspired by the gallery.


marcante testa . ph francesco stelitano
studiopepe x archiproducts
studiopepe x archiproducts
studiopepe x archiproducts







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