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DECOR TRENDS | 6 Rug Trends I tried now for 2020

6 Decorating Ideas to restyle your living with one carpet, according to the top Rug Trends 2020


Today I’m sharing with you some interesting carpet trends which will be coming out in 2020. In collaboration with Moldabela, in fact, I choose six rugs to represent them and styled them at home. Let me know at the end of the post which is your favourite as I have then to make my choice between these beautiful rugs!

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All the rugs I featured are part of the Moldabela rugs collections.

They are all made with the very finest 100% natural, renewable, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly wool, ensuring a very soft feel that you will suddenly get by walking barefoot on them. The collections include many different designs, from traditional and classic ones, to vintage and modern rugs. Discover them in the Moldabela Amazon store.


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6 Rug Trends for 2020 to try now



Multicoloured antique carpets, inspired by islamic design, are absolutely back on trend now. Perfect to create accents in the space, they will immediately make your interior richer and – despite being really decorated – they can match with many different styles and colors. Traditionally from Azerbaigean and Dagestan regions and with nomadic origins, with their rich pattern they add a cool ethnic vibe to any space.

I choose this antique carpet with a rich red design and a big geometric pattern which looks perfect matched with plants, colorful cushions and terracotta details. You can purchase this rug here



Rug Trends 2020 #2 / SHABBY CARPET


Rugs with a vintage and worn effect are another kind of popular rugs now and for all 2020. Here the damask historical pattern is made lighter thanks to a shabby look, making this rug very neutral yet still decorative. 

The rug I choose has a base color in beige with grey and cream accents, so it is very neutral and warm. It adds a soft decoration and can be perfect, for example, in a Scandinavian style interior, laid on a light wood floor and with light and white furniture, as the ones I have at home. You can purchase the rug here


Rug Trends 2020 #3 / NATURE INSPIRED RUGS


With the Biophilic design trend coming so strong lately, all patterns inspired by natural motifs and in natural colors become the perfect complement to choose now. Choose abstract natural patterns, nature-inspired colors such as beiges, greens and blues, together with soft and tactile fabrics.

I opted for a nature-inspired rug with a beautiful pattern of leaves, in soft colors of ivory and shades of beige. The watercolor effect makes this carpet really original and decorative, while being very neutral and warm thanks to its color palette. You can purchase the rug here


Rug Trends 2020 #4 / ROUND RUGS


This year let’s also consider different shapes instead of the traditional rectangular ones. Starting from circular shapes, to oval ones, to even more irregular shapes, rugs do not need to be always rectangular and choosing a different shape can add a glamorous touch to any space. Plus, a round shape can be perfect in all spaces which are not so big and it can be placed in less conventional areas of the living room.

The rug I chose is characterized by Damask patterns in shades of green and blue against a warm gray background, with a very refined but at the same time minimalist motif. My living room is small and with an L-shaped sofa, yet this round rug can be an option to standard rectangular ones for a more fluid and less “full” space. You can purchase the rug here




2020 will be for sure the right time to go for a more maximalist decor at home. Rich patterns like damask will be one of the coolest options to explore when choosing a new rug at home. With their strong and super decorative pattern, for sure they can add a new twist to any living room.

The damask patterned rug I choose has a shabby effect which makes it less flashy, while its palette – based on dark blue and rust – is absolutely aligned to the latest interior trends. I like also how it matches perfectly with the dark kitchen. You can purchase the rug here

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Rug Trends 2020 #6/ CLASSIC AREA CARPET


Last, for 2020 you can also consider reusing that classic area carpet which always looked so old-fashioned to you. Playing with different styles and ages, by mixing and matching different designs for more eclectic and interesting interiors, will be a key trend for the next year. A classic rug design if matched with contemporary furniture and boho details can bring a totally different look to the rug itself.

The one I choose has floral motifs with a medallion decor and it is really classical, but its palette makes it also really modern. In fact, the abstract floral motifs blend in different colors, against a gold background, and accents in blue and green, making it perfect on a light wood floor. You can purchase the rug here




Which one is your favorite from Rug 1 to 6 ?

Let me know in the Instagram Stories @italianbark !




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