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MDW 2019 Must-see Sustainable and Circular Design Events

The very best previews of the Milan Fuorisalone 2019 handpicked by ITALIANBARK

Our journey into the Milan Design Week 2019 has begun. We’re fully immersed in this world, exploring previews and cataloging all the must-see events of Milan Fuorisalone.

In this article, we will be sharing with you a list of interesting exhibitions and installations within the sustainable and circular design theme. The list includes events that will take place within the Fuorisalone in different design districts.

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Let’s begin our journey and make sure we don’t miss anything. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Circular and Green Design | Milan Design Week 2019


5 VIE used to be an important trade center during the Roman era. The district nowadays is considered the historical heart of Milan with its museums, churches, monasteries, archaeological sites and private courtyards. Its heritage is combined with a drive to look up to the future and make a difference.

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Must-see in 5VIE for the sustainable and circular design



Via Santa Marta/ Via del Bollo

Scientist have communicated to the UN that we have exactly twelve years to avoid catastrophic climate change. Italian architect  Francesco Garbelli will be exhibiting a new mural entitled “Twelve Years” to deal with the environmental issue with a particular attention to the production and recycling of waste and to circular economy and circular design.



Corso di Porta Ticinese/ Via Giangiacomo Mora, 1

Sustainability and affordability: the answer to new consumer behavior is a model based on the luxury of non-ownership. DressYouCan, in collaboration with #Affortable and #MonShareArt , will open the first “Not for Sale Store”: a glance into the future of design, art and fashion where anything can be rented and owning is considered superfluous.




Brera is the artistic heart of Milan with its fine art tradition and bohemian atmosphere. This year Brera Design District is celebrating its 10 year anniversary at FuoriSalone with the theme “Design Your Life”. The theme invites everyone to apply design thinking to their existence in order to live in a more sustainable manner.

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Must-see in Brera for the sustainable and circular design



Via Balzan/Via San Marco

MateriAttiva is a project created by Iris Ceramic, the leading Italian high-tech porcelain and ceramics producer, the SOS School of Sustainability and Mario Cucinella Architects. Since 2018 they have been collaborating in the investigation of sustainable scenarios for protecting the environment.

With MateriaAttiva they want to offer an evocative multi-sensorial experience to the public where there will be a new pact between humans and nature and a process of discovery of the latest new frontiers in ceramics, viewed no longer as an inert substance for covering spaces but as an active architectural element capable of improving the quality of the space where it is used.



Piazza XXV Aprile, 9

Timberland partners with Giò Forma, a multi awards winning international studio featuring designers, architects and artists, to create the sustainability super hero: RoBOLT. The robot is made with discards from the design industry and from recycled plastic bottles. It comes to life from the waste and pollution we generate by making the wrong choices, to help raise awareness on a conscious and responsible behaviour.



Tortona district is one of the most lively areas of Milan and it’s internationally known as a reference for fashion and design sectors. In the nineties, the district, a former working-class neighborhood, has ‘changed its skin’ becoming a crossroads for fashionistas, designers, photographers and model agencies.


Must-see in Tortona for the sustainable and circular design



Via Tortona 

Hyundai will present the “Style Set Free” exhibition to tell us about the car of the future. The brand will examine the various possibilities related to mobility in an era of automous driving. They will also explore the theme of interior design for electric vehicles.



Via Tortona, 31

“Belgium is Design” is a project created by three Belgium organisations (Flanders DCMAD and WBDM) in collaboration with several designers. In this project the aspect of ‘sustainability’ was interpreted in social, economic and environmental ways. The outcome of the project will be presented during MDW and it is called Generous Nature. 

Generous Nature focuses on the ability of design and designers to bring great changes in industrial production, by choosing sustainable systems that extend beyond the products. The idea is to transcend environmental awareness and to encompass politics, economics, norms, behaviour, social and human relations as the foundation of the design culture.


Allan Gilles




Ventura Projects, founded by the Organisation in Design, are curated exhibition areas that present the latest developments at the forefront of contemporary design. The exhibitions were launched in Milan in 2010 and have expanded worldwide, including exhibitions in Berlin, London, Kortrijk, New York and Dubai.

Ventura Future is one of the projects within Ventura and this year they have chosen to collaborate with BASE Milano. BASE, a former industrial area in Milan, is a cultural project aimed at promoting innovation, life-long learning and cross-pollination in the creative industries.


Must-seen in Ventura for the sustainable and circular design


Future (H)eart(H): 7 Dutch Design visions for a livable earth

Via Bergognone, 34, Base Milano

The exhibition will include projects from 7 young designers who have worked on new technologies, materials or innovative applications of traditional techniques.

Issues such as packaging and consumer waste will be dealt by projects such as DUAL from Jiani Zeng. The industrial designer has created a liquid hand wash using solid soap as packaging. After using up the liquid soap, it is possible to remove the paper wrapping and use the solid soap as hand wash.

Comparable worries about consumer waste triggered Enis Akiev (Germany) to transform “plastiglomerate” into natural rock-like ‘plastic stone tiles’. By doing so Akiev addresses the concept of waste subjectivity and questions the products lifecycle.

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Jiani Zeng and Jillian Qua, ph Jiani Zeng




The Lambrate District is one of the most important historical industrial areas in Italy. It was in this district that thousands of iconic Lambretta and Mini scooters were produced. Nowadays Lambrate, also known as the Italian Brooklyn, is a well-established design district of the MDW that radiates creativity and innovation.




Must- seen in Lambrate for the sustainable and circular design


UPCYCLING LAB – Treasure2Trash

Via Conte Rosso 35/ Via Ventura 

The German cosmetics company Gosnova GmbH and the design agency Age are creating a new online platform called Trash2Tresure. The platform aims to connect industrial companies to designers in order to give new life to high quality materials that otherwise would be wasted. For those coming to the Milan Design Week 2019 wishing to know more about this initiative, we totally advise you to take part on the Trash2Treasure Lab. The lab will offer several workshops about sustainability and upcycling.


Reflection, design driven by the future

Via Oslavia 17

Habits design studio, the industrial warehouse, will be the home for the Braun interactive exhibition that reflects on new domestic lifestyles. The exhibition will include projects created in the last 3 years in collaboration with the Smart Design laboratory (Milan Polytechnic Design School) and a cooking show with experimental products tasting. There will be an area fully dedicated to the reduction of food waste. Zero Waste, as it is called, will show visitors how to reuse food without compromise the final quality.


Habits Design Studio


Piazza Castello is located in front of Torre del Filarete – the central access to the Castello Sforzesco. Over time the piazza has undergone the same transformations and renovations as the castle itself.


Must-seen in Sant’Ambrogio for the sustainable and circular design


DDN Phutura

Via Beltrami, Piazza castello

DDN Phutura will be focused in the themes of recycling, green design and circular design. Located in front of the Castello Sforzesco, the event will be spread over an area of over 10,000 square meters and will hold 50 exhibitions, 30 Talks and a food area throughout the week, day and night.

DDN Futura

Are you already feeling inspired and thrilled to the MDW 2019? If so, stay tuned for more news and tips. Let’s make the most out of this week, from Milan or even from far away 😉


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