Mar 29, 2019

Brera Design District 2019 Previews from the first district in Milan Fuorisalone

The very best previews of the Milan Fuorisalone 2019 handpicked by ITALIANBARK

The top things to see this year in the Brera Design District at Fuorisalone in Milano

The Milan Fuorisalone is the set of events distributed in different areas of Milan on the same days when the Salone Internazionale del Mobile takes place. Brera Design District, this year at its 9th edition, at present, is the most important district promoting design in Italy and it’s located in the heart of Milan Fuorisalone. This year will be the 10th anniversary of the Brera Design District and the calendar is filled with events and installations. The Brera Design Week will start on Monday the 8th of April (instead of the 9th, as for all other districts and for Salone del Mobile).

This district has always been one of my must-sees: this is where you can find the top brands and the news both of Italian and Scandinavian design, plus several events and the most interesting installations. Let’s see more in detail what are the previews for the 2019 edition of Brera Design District.

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Brera Design District 2019 Previews | Anteprime Fuorisalone 2019


“Design Your Life”is the title of this edition of Brera Design District, that will be focused around sustainability. How can design help us to live a more sustainable life? This year’s ambassadors are also relevant personalities in the topics of sustainability and circular design, as for example  Mario Cucinella, Aldo Cibic, Daniel and Markus Freitag.

Among the special projects, MateriAttiva is the project by SOS School of Sustainability curated by Mario Cucinella Architects and Iris Ceramica Group: in continuity on the path started in Bologna with “Pollution 2018”, the project is a multi-sensory experience guiding visitors through a space that evokes a new deal between man and nature. Another project involving students (but this time by Politecnico Milano) will be Pratofiorito, a temporary garden designed by architect Davide Fabio Colaci for Eataly Smeraldo.

But there will be much more to see at Brera this year: let’s see together a selection between the 210 events and 395 exhibitors of this edition!



Things to see this year in the Brera Design District at Fuorisalone Milano

BRERA DESIGN APARTMENT | Planetario by Cristina Celestino

Via Palermo 1

The Brera Design Apartment is the heart of the Brera district. This year the apartment will be curated by Cristina Celestino (remember her Tram Corallo at Fuorisalone 2018?). The project is called Planetario and will be focused on surface design.

|| More from the past editions of Brera Design District: Studiopepe with the Visit project

UNIFOR  + Ron Gilad

Via Palermo 1


Via Palermo 1

MOOOI | A Life Extraordinary

Mediateca di Santa Teresa | Via della Moscova 28

La Pelota is one of the most scenic spaces at Milan Fuorisalone. This year it will host Vitra, in an exhibition curated by the designer Robert Stadler.


Sala Buzzati | Via Balzan 3


Piazza XXV Aprile

|| Read more about this in our selection of top sustainable design events at Milan Design Week 2019

LAND ROVER | Live for the City

Via Palermo 11

MAISONS DU MONDE Temporary showroom

Via Palermo 16

SALVATORI | Hidden Rooms

Via Solferino 11

An immersive installation of objects and accessories for the home designed by Elisa Ossino, featuring new collections by John Pawson and Piero Lissoni.


Via Solferino 22

Bisazza opens its brand new showroom in Brera presenting a new collection of coffee tables designed by Marcel Wanders.


Corso Garibaldi 65

Moleskine will expand upon the concept of exploration with an interactive art installation at Moleskine Café during Milan Design Week. The installation is curated by Riccardo Blumer. The brand will also present aspecial The Backpack in Silver Edition, designed by Giulio Iacchetti.


corso Garibaldi 117


Via Lovanio 6

Aino Aalto, Alvar Aalto, BUAISOU, COMPANY, Koichi Futatsumata, Akira Minagawa and Jo Nagasaka in an installation by Linda Bergroth.


Via Solferino 15

Swedish Design Moves returns this year at the Milan Design Week with HEMMA gone wild: a sequel to the 2018 show, HEMMA – Stories of Home. Curated and designed by Joyn Studio, the show invites visitors to experience an abstract and playful vision of the house, from the corridor to the living room onwards, through an open setting that showcases the best of Swedish design, attracted by curiosity and a aura of mystery.

INTERNI | Human Spaces + Carlo Ratti

Orto Botanico di Brera | Via Brera 28

ARTEMEST + TED | Living Objetcs

Via Randaccio 5

For the first time, Artemest fully decorates a wonderful home- a 1930s villa – with a curated selection of furniture, lighting and décor crafted by expert Italian artisans and designers.



Via del Carmine 11


Via Pietro Maroncelli 7


Palazzo Clerici, via Clerici 5

The Museum is a journey through different spaces in which a visitor constantly undergoes a facet of Dutch creativity: architecture, photography, music, design, fashion, VR, film and digital communication. The pavilion that houses all the components is a connection of forms, designed by Space Encounters.


Bar Anne by Space Encounters at Milan Design Week 2018

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We are working on an eBook which will recap the Best News, Trends, Exhibits.

Browse in the Fuorisalone 2019 Map



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From the last year

Brera Design District 2018 Previews | Anteprime Fuorisalone 2018


Be Human: designing with empathy” is the theme for the 2018 Brera Design District edition.

Empathy is the ability to put oneself in someone else’s shoes and understand his/her needs. In design, this means creating solutions by thinking about the real needs of people. If in design empathy is the starting point, emotions are the result of it. This year ambassadors of Brera Design District are all talents who believe in the emotional side of design: two female designers, Cristina Celestino and Elena Salmistraro, and Daniele Lago, founder of the Appartamento Lago in Brera in 2009.

Be Human: progettare con empatia” è il tema dell’edizione 2018 del Brera Design District.

L’empatia è la capacità di mettersi nei panni di qualcun altro e capirne i bisogni. Nel design, ciò significa creare soluzioni pensando alle reali necessità delle persone. Se nel design l’empatia è il punto di partenza, le emozioni ne sono il risultato. Quest’anno gli ambasciatori del Brera Design District sono tutti talenti che credono nel lato emozionale del design: due designer donne, Cristina Celestino ed Elena Salmistraro, e Daniele Lago, fondatore dell’Appartamento Lago di Brera nel 2009.


Illustrations by Federico Conti Picamus ©2018


Via Palermo 1

The Brera Design Apartment is the heart of the Brera district. This year 12 designers were invited to design a special piece for the “Milano Souvenir” collection, which will be presented in the rooms of the apartment, curated by Raffaella Guidobono. Last year the setting was curated by Studiopepe with the Visit project

Il Brera Design Apartment è il cuore del distretto di Brera. Quest’anno 12 designers sono stati invitati alla progettazione di un pezzo speciale per la collezione “Milano Souvenir”, che verrà presentata tra le stanze dell’appartamento. L’anno scorso lo spazio era stato allestito da Studiopepe con il progetto the Visit


brera design district, fuorisalone 2018, milan design week 2018, souvenir milano
Giulio Iacchetti



The Crumpled City | Design District Brera is the new capsule collection of the lightest maps ever created, the Crumpled City Maps by Palomar.

La capsule Crumpled City | Design District Brera è l’ultima novità dell’innovativo progetto di Palomar in collaborazione con Studiolabo, per raccontare il distretto con le mappe più leggere ed indistruttibili mai create ad oggi




Via Ciovasso 17

Washi tapes were invented in 2008 by Japanese maker Kamoi. MT celebrates its 10th anniversary together with mtCASA at Fuorisalone 2018, with workshops organized by Casa facile and a pop-up container store in front of Brera Pinacoteca.

I Washi tapes sono stati inventati dieci anni fa dal maker  giapponese Kamoi. MT festeggia questo compleanno speciale insieme a mtCASA al Fuorisalone 2018, con workshop organizzati da Casa Facile e un negozio pop-up di fronte alla Pinacoteca di Brera.




Via Maroncelli 14

Brazilian Design, from Modernism to Today is the main concept of the Brazilian space during the Milan Design Week in 2018. In partnership with the Brazilian Consulate General in Milan, the Brazilian Trade and Promotion Agency, the space will host 65 designers and companies.

| Read more about Brazilian interiors and design here

Il design brasiliano, dal Modernismo ad oggi, è il concept dello spazio brasiliano durante la Design Week di Milano 2018. In collaborazione con il Consolato Generale del Brasile a Milano, l’Agenzia brasiliana per il commercio e la promozione, lo spazio ospiterà 65 designer e aziende.

Brera Design District 2018 | Design and furniture brands previews


Palazzo Clerici | Via Clerici 5

Sonos and WeWork have come together this year for HAY at Fuorisalone, in an exhibition that will offer over 1500m2 of design for everyday living and working environments.

Sonos e WeWork si sono uniti quest’anno con HAY al Fuorisalone, in una mostra che offrirà oltre 1500 m2 di design per la vita quotidiana e gli ambienti di lavoro.


Appartamento Lago | Via Brera 30

NEVER STOP LOOKING BEYOND is the concept pof the Italian brand for this MDW edition. In Appartamento Lago at Brera, there will be the Italianism exhibition: 40 patterns created by 40 young Italian talents who will dress up the space during the whole Design Week.

NEVER STOP LOOKING BEYOND è il concept proposto quest’anno dall’azienda. In Appartamento Lago Milano Brera per l’occasione sarà allestita la mostra di Italianism: 40 pattern realizzati da altrettanti giovani talenti italiani che vestiranno lo spazio durante tutta la Design Week.


Mediateca Santa Teresa, | Via della Moscova 28


Via Solferino 11

PROGETTONONFINITO PERFETTAMENTE IMPERFETTO is the title of this year exhibition. Last years DIMORESTUDIO were among the best settings at Fuorisalone, so I’m looking forward to seeing it

| DIMORESTUDIO was among my Brera Design District 2017 Best here

PROGETTONONFINITO PERFETTAMENTE IMPERFETTO è il titolo dell’allestimento di quest’anno. Nelle ultime edizioni, DIMORESTUDIO è stato tra gli allestimenti più interessanti di tutto il Fuorisalone perciò non vedo l’ora di scoprire come sarà quest’anno 


Via Pietro Maroncelli 7

Matter Made is an American manufacturer specializing in contemporary lighting, furniture and objects that makes its collections following them from the idea to the final product. the brand debut was last year, with very interesting design proposals.

Matter Made è un produttore americano specializzato in illuminazione contemporanea, mobili e oggetti che realizza le proprie collezioni seguendole dall’idea fino al prodotto finale e che ha debuttato allo scorso Fuorisalone con proposte molto interessanti. 


VITRA | Typecasting

La Pelota | Via Palermo 10

La Pelota is one of the most scenic spaces at Milan Fuorisalone. This year it will host Vitra, in an exhibition curated by the designer Robert Stadler.

La Pelota è una delle location più scenografiche di tutto il Fuorisalone. Quest’anno ospiterà Vitra, con un’esibizione curata dal designer Robert Stadler. 



Via Statuto 8

PANASONIC | Transitions

Pinacoteca di Brera | Via Brera 28

Panasonic celebrates its centennial anniversary this year. The exhibition theme for this year’s Milan Design Week is ‘TRANSITIONS by Panasonic Design’ while the theme of our installation for this year’s exhibition is ‘Air Inventions’, which will occupy the Pinacoteca di Brera cloister.

Panasonic celebra quest’anno il suo centesimo anniversario. Il tema espositivo della Milano Design Week di quest’anno sarà “TRANSITIONS by Panasonic Design”, mentre il tema dell’installazione sarà “Air Inventions”ed occuperà il chiostro della Pinacoteca di Brera.



LEE BROOM | Observatory

Via Lovanio 6

Last year the Lee Broom installation at Ventura Centrale was one of the most instagrammed and published of the Fuorisalone 2017. OBSERVATORY is Lee Broom’s most progressive work to date and will be presented in a 250-square metre gallery style int he heart of Brera Design District

L’anno scorso l’installazione di Lee Broom a Ventura Centrale è stata una delle più instagrammate e pubblicate del Fuorisalone 2017. OBSERVATORY si preannuncia come la collezione più all’avanguardia di Lee Broom e sarà presentata in una galleria da 250 metri quadri nel cuore di Brera Design District


Chiostro San Simpliciano

This year, the chosen focus of MINDCRAFT18 – the Danish makers exhibition- is on the essence of the work with design and craft. The objects on display will take centre stage, with an emphasis on the hands-on engagement with the material and the visual, aesthetic and sensuous qualities of the objects.

| Know more about the designers and products here

Quest’anno MINDCRAFT18 – la mostra danesi del Fuorisalone- tratterà il rapporto tra il design e l’artigianato. Gli oggetti esposti saranno al centro dell’attenzione, con enfasi sull’impegno pratico con il materiale e le qualità visive, estetiche e sensuali degli oggetti.

KVADRAT + Really

Via Pietro Maroncelli 7

Really recycles the textiles destined for pulp and transforms them into a high-tech fabric called Solid Textile Board. The debut collection with the Solid Textile Board will be launched this April during the Salone del Mobile, with projects by Max Lamb and Christien Meindertsma.

Really ricicla i tessili destinati al macero trasformandoli in un tessuto ad alta tecnologia denominato Solid Textile Board. La collezione di debutto con il Solid Textile Board sarà lanciata questo mese di aprile durante il Salone del Mobile, con progetti di Max Lamb e Christien Meindertsma.


Via Pietro Maroncelli 7

Since its creation in 2006, Casa Gifu project is composed of a collection of manufactured objects from the Japanese Gifu prefecture and designed by Swiss Atelier Oï.

Dal 2006, il progetto Casa Gifu seleziona oggetti della cultura giapponese dalla prefettura di Gifu e disegnati dallos tudio svizzero Atelier Oï.

INTERNI | House in Motion

Orto Botanico di Brera | Via Brera 28

The HOUSE IN MOTION Exhibition-Event brings together a series of experimental and interactive installations of architecture and design, resulting from the collaboration between established designers on the international scene and leading companies, as well as institutions and start-ups. It will take place in three different locations: the University of Milan, the Brera Botanical Garden and the Audi City Lab in Corso Venezia 11

La Mostra-Evento HOUSE IN MOTION riunisce una serie di installazioni sperimentali e interattive di architettura e design , risultate della collaborazione tra progettisti affermati della scena internazionale e aziende di riferimento, oltre che istituzioni e start-up. Avrà luogo in tre sedi diverse: l’Università degli Studi di Milano, l’Orto Botanico di Brera e l’ Audi City Lab in Corso Venezia 11

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