Jul 16, 2019

COLOR OF THE MONTH | The future is Green

COLOR TREND 2020 Neo mint in interiors and design

Popping pastel green is taking the spotlight this month (although according to trend forecasters WGSN) – this shade of green, coined “neo green”will be the colour of 2020 – soon set to ‘dominate the worlds of fashion and interiors.’  





 ‘This new directional colour heralds the start of a new decade’– evolving from the popularity of soft pastels, established by Millennial Pink. Gender neutral ‘Neo mint’ retains similar fresh young/youthful vibes. Colour director of WGSN, Jane Boddy– describes the shade as an ‘oxygenating fresh tone; that succinctly aligns futuristic development with nature.’ Neo mint is a fresh tone of green that has a cool futuristic feel thought to be fit for the new decade ahead; in fact, it is a colour chosen to harmonize science and technology with nature. In addition to this, neo mint brings some nostalgia “the past”, while at the same time taking into consideration the “present” and  forward thinking to the future too. Now, more than ever, we recognize the importance of the environment and the preservation for future generations and neo mint represents this.

Color Trend Neo mint “embodies a forward-thinking mood and an almost optimism, as events such as Tokyo’s Olympics and NASA’S Mars Rover bring the future to the present” , as sister company to WGSN Coloro says.  Neo mint is predicted to be a key colour for spring/summer 2020. In fact, we were already talking about the new greens trend at the beginning of last year, predicting even before than this these new shades of green in interiors and design.


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January 2018



Neo mint is occasionally used interchangeably with mint green and it is similar in appearance seafoam green, which gets its name from the froth found on ocean water. However, it does not actually reference the colour of seafoam (which tends to be white not green), but rather it evokes the freshness of the sea, hence ‘most probably’ the name. Think of the sea and the colour-automatically conjured up is blue, so it may not come as a surprise that seafoam green is actually a mix of green and blue, just like aqua and teal. To make seafoam green, in fact, blue is added to a green base, with a small addition of grey or sometimes white to lighten to your liking. This shade of green promotes relaxation and has strong connections with nature and the environment, as well as associations with renewal, health and fitness. Containing blue, the colour of the ocean and sky, seafoam green can convey a sense of tranquillity. Green is sought to help balance emotions and promote a sense of calm and clarity.

Did you know that pale hues like seafoam green have been used since the 1700s? However, more recently, it became a favored colour choice in 1950s clothing, in a time when fresh but soft mint green was also extremely popular. The resilience of the colour means that it is still popular today especially with the appeal of Mid Century Modern. Another blast from the past, currently trending are neon colours which have been spotted on the spring-summer 2019 catwalks, including flamboyant neon green, lime and acid green (just to highlight a few). 


Neo mint colour gradient @coloro_             seafoam green via

Tints/ shades/ monochromatic colour of seafoam green color-hex



Since Pantone selected Greenery as color of the year in 2017, we have embraced the colour green in interiors in many different ways. In fact, we have seen darker botanical shades really on trend in the past year, then changing into lighter to shades such as sage, celadon, mint, pistachio and now lighter and brighter neo mint and seafoam green.

Seafoam green is well suited to interior design, particularly in bathrooms or kitchens because of its clean character. Minty greens when used as an accent or contrast to neutrals such as taupe, can popfor a really fresh look pair with white or maybe blue to echo the sea. If you want to conjure associations with nature and the outdoors, seafoam green also looks great contrasted with analogous shades of green. Combine with pastel pink or more muted clay coloured dusty rose for a pink and green combo or if more of a purple lover try lilac. Then there are opposites on the colour wheel (red-orange) to consider; shades such as salmon, coral and tangerine can bring green to life. Not to mention, also, then neo mint is the perfect complimentary color of coral, defined by Pantone as the color of the year 2019. 

Enjoy our collection of inspiration in minty greens!



Pantone / @ihavethisthingwithfloors photo by @megx.nah / via image by WOW Design / via Benjamin Moore / Via 

Moodboard shades of Spearmint & Pistachio Designers Guild 

Via /  Tropicana wallpaper by designer Matthew Williamson for Osborne & Little

@joshtravelstheworld / @osborneandlittle  @missonihome

 @paola_lenti_official / via 

WGSN / via neo mint sofas by @perezochando / @paola_lenti_official 

Via  / via / Medly Pharmacy, by Sergio Mannino Studio via 

@teklan Hermès at Milan Design Week / Dezeen designed by id inc for the Sumiyoshido Kampo Lounge Clinic 

via @liinteriores / via @flukebeauty /  @illidesign.eu 

  Via @yutnii_podokonnik / @greenandmustard @youmagazine / @2lgstudio bathroom by @emildervish 

The Budapest Café, Chengau, China

@carawoodhouseinteriors Interior design of Boguanxi’an Sales Centre by BENJAI Architecture in China /  Via @wikeep

Via homedesignideas.eu / domino photo by EKBB / Urbanoutfitters 

Bloomingville via

 Tobu mint wallpaper by the Caselio Hanami collection via / via 

Via new mint interior, photo by @r_m_n_f /  @perezochando 

Designboom MINI LIVING / via Susanna Vento / @flukebeauty CO-WORKING SPACE Zuzanna Kubicz  / Contemporist photo by Dariusz Jarzabek  / @amy_moorea by @studiopepe_official, photo by @andreaferraristudio / Color Trends 2020 starting from Pantone Living Coral


 @flukebeauty @thecalilehotel / via by Benjai architecture /

 Via@uunnttiittlleedd__  by @reutovdesign 


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