Apr 14, 2020

How to stay inspired and connected during quarantine

How are you living these strange days?

How to stay inspired and motivated during quarantine?


I asked to the past and present contributors of IB to share with us their thoughts and tell us how they are living the quarantine in their own countries. This week the blog celebrates its 7th birthday and I feel so lucky to having shared this journey with them. In the last years, some of them has started their own business, some became partners with me in new projects, and we all met simply online thanks to a blogpost I shared some years ago.

This is just to tell you that, even if we are isolating and social distancing, there will always be opportunities to meet, share and create new collaborations thanks to the internet but – above all – to mutual trust.

I have the feeling that this period will really bring a lot to each of us, by having deprived us of many things. Personally, I keep inspired with small daily routines like doing yoga all mornings, but also like taking a break from my work during the weekend. When I feel it, I love to research and read about smart ideas and about the innovations that have been created because of the virus. When I feel it, I also just do simply nothing, like sunbathing in my small garden with my dog (absolutely the happiest dog in these days!). I really do not know when this situation is going to end, or if one day we are going to self-distancing again: so I believe it’s much better trying our best to stay positive and to get the best, whenever possible, from these times, than just waiting for the “normal days” to come back.

Hope my colleagues’ words will be inspiring for you as well  ^_^


How do you stay inspired and motivated during quarantine?


Grace  from Milan

“I have been working from my home and isolating in Milan for about 7 weeks now, in which time both my boyfriend and I have celebrated birthdays! I am grateful to have enjoyed this time more often than not and am content with the new daily routines we’ve created. It’s a strange time for sure, and my heart goes out to everyone suffering, whether from their health or difficult work and/or living circumstances. As a writer and observer, I find it to also be a really interesting and unique time that tests our adaptability and resilience both as individuals and as a collective community. This is a reminder to stay poised for transformation, which will help us to perceive obstacles as opportunities and learn deeply from each experience in life. I look forward to traveling again and hugging loved ones, of course, but the first thing I will do when the lockdown lifts is walk to the Duomo and say ciao to la madonnina then grab a cafe ginseng at Pasticceria Marchesi“.

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Alice from Dakar

“As many other African countries, Senegal as well is going through a phase of national lock down, even if partial and smoother compared to other Western countries. After 4 weeks of confinement, I have to say I am still struggling to find my pace. Working from home is not new to me, what is challenging is the unusual dimension I am experiencing which includes, among other burdens, home schooling my two daughters… so sometimes I am just in the middle of PURE CHAOS! On the other side, I am enjoying having more time for things that with the daily routine end up being neglected like cooking, take real care of my plants and decluttering some home spaces that haven’t been touched in years!”

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Lynessa from Cornwall

“Creativity may have brought us together from different countries across the globe, but now we can all relate to one thing ‘the virus’ that has brought so much of the world to stand still – yet brings us together now. Trying to stay positive but like many I do get my ups and downs at times. Here in Cornwall, the UK we are currently three weeks into lockdown – which will be reviewed in a week, but most certainly with continue. Feels like Spring here the sun in shining, only thing is that we are advised to stay in at home, but I am enjoying whilst I can ‘the allowed’ one form of exercise a day. I usually take a short walk in the afternoon (just from my home) to clear my head and provides just that little moment of escapism, even if it is just a bit.”

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Velvet from Athens

“This is a very confusing time for everyone and the storm ain’t over yet. However, wildflowers bloom everywhere no matter what the conditions are. That’s how I see things.”

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Studio SOMA from Milan

“In this quarantine, I am trying to make sure my body and mind stay healthy. For doing so, I have set a routine that allows me to work, exercise and find inspiration in little things.” Ana Luiza

“Creativity is my fuel in this quarantine! My creative job and hobbies are helping me to stay positive and keep going.” Marlon

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Martina from London

“Me and my partner self-isolated ourselves a week before the London official lockdown. We are still working at full speed, managing our business remotely and creating small routines. The working days are surprisingly fast and busy so every evening we go out on the terrace to have a quiet chat; it’s a very relaxing habit which we’d like to keep even when the pandemic is over”

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Bojana from Serbia

“Entering the 4th week of the lockdown here in Serbia, I have to admit that I’m still adjusting to this new way of life. Since we live in an apartment, we had to send our dog to my husband’s parents who live in a house with a backyard. I do miss him tremendously, it breaks my heart. I’m also having troubles coping with the fact that we are not able to exit the apartment for days. But my anxiety over the whole situation and the perspective is shifting as I’m learning to disconnect from hysteria the media is washing us over daily. Life is indeed a balancing act of dualities. Each and every cloud comes with a silver lining and this turmoil brought many! More than ever before, I’m grateful for the family I’m “stuck with” as each day of isolation brings us closer. Priorities are shifting. Even though finding time for work sometimes gets incredibly challenging, I’m thankful for all the time I get to spend with my three-year-old daughter. Also, I’m looking into ways to be more kind to myself, so I can be of better service to my community. I believe that being there for each other and taking care of our mental health is the best strategy for getting through all this and mending the broken world.”

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Benedetta from Melbourne

“I’m based in Melbourne, where we have been in isolation for about four weeks now. I have been following the situation in Italy since the outbreak began there, meaning that by the time the social distancing regulations escalated here in Australia, I was mentally prepared and knew what to expect. I, therefore, tried my hardest from the start to prevent the new working home arrangements from getting in the way of healthy habits. I get up at sunrise most days, so I can do some gentle yoga stretches, meditate, make a cup of Chai and go for a quick stroll around the neighbourhood before work starts at 8.30. I try to see the silver lining in this situation and appreciate the gift of health and time I’ve been given to reconnect with friends and family (thank heavens for Zoom!), catch up on books and movies and finally starting my own blog.”

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